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Our Services


Assistance and counselling for the implementation of an investment in Romania; Drafting of business plans and feasibility studies; Receipt of documents for company incorporation (founding documents, tax statements, operating permits); Implementation of procedures for tax registration; Budgeting of income and expenditure; Organizing and keeping of accounts

Payroll Accounting

Salary payment lists, wages; Creation and registration of declarations for social insurance (unemployment, pension); Creation and registration of contracts and communication of operations at the territorial labour exchange (ro. ITM.); Creation of the income tax cards of employees at year-end; Obtaining work permits for foreigners


Financial accounting; Management accounting; Accounting of fixed assets; Creation of the accounting balance sheet and tax returns; Creation of financial situations adapted to company specific, as required by law, including international standards; Preparation of the budget for income and expenditure; Other requested financial accounting services.

TAX Consultancy

Analysis of financial flows and the cash flow calculations; Situation Analysis of receivables and liabilities; Support and assistance for the creation, receipt, document archiving and organization of simple bookkeeping; Support and assistance for the inventory of the company's assets; Support and assistance for the organization of the financial accounting department, the internal audit department (circulation and control of documents and control of financial accounting policies).

About us

S.C. INFO EXPERT GRUP S.R.L. SIBIU - HERMANNSTADT is a trading company for accounting, auditing and financial accounting consultancy, founded in the year 2000. Its activities are carried out by a team of professional economists, accountants, lawyers, HR specialists and IT professionals. The Company is registered with the body of experts and approved Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) with permit Series A no. 001 794 from 2003. The extensive experience in this area, achieved within national and multinational companies during a period of 16 years, skills and specializations acquired by participating in various trainings and specializations, in combination with the inclusion of a young, active, dynamic collective, allow us to offer our customers the best solutions for the financial accounting branch, the management policy, human resources and IT.




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